1. Frequent problems that require repairs Tank-style electric and gas water heaters can experience the following problems: -Water leaks (if the tank itself is leaking, its a sure sign that it has corroded as a result of old age and needs to be replaced) -Water is there, but its not hot enough/there are frequent temperature fluctuations While each of these problems does not indicate on its own that its time to get a new heater (in fact most can be fixed), if you start experiencing issues frequently, its a very telling sign that the device is old and needs to be replaced. Moreover, if you find that your repair bills start to add up, it may be a smart financial decision to replace the heater, rather than continue dumping money into repairs. If you know the age of your water heater, and its nearing the end of its service life, you may want to consider replacing it, BEFORE it starts giving you major trouble . It often happens that a heater works perfectly well, and just before due to expire, it gives a major leak, which is more like a flood. If this happens, you may encounter costly repairs from water damage, in addition to the cost of replacing the device itself. 3. Rusty color water coming out of faucet/shower If there is rusty color water coming out, when you turn on hot water, it may be a sign that your heater has started to rust from the inside due to old age. To make sure that this is the case is to drain your hot water heater.


I tried each of the blades out on different materials such as 1/4″ plywood, 1″ X 3″ stock, 2″ X 4″ stock, 3/4″ p.v.c. and 1 1/2″ p.v.c. pipe, light gauge angle steel and finally 3/8″ threaded rod. I thought across the board they performed well but did find that the 10 piece bi-metal struggled a bit on the 3/8″ threaded rod. Don’t get me wrong, it made the cut but on threaded rod I’d probably use my hacksaw or sawzall. All in all for the the price point of these blades I thought they provided a a good value for a fraction of what the original Fein blades cost. Speaking of multi-tool blades or even tools for that matter, I see all to often that young apprentices and even seasoned tradespeople (myself included) often like to push the boundaries of what the blade or tool was designed to do. As a result they’ll give the equipment an unwarranted “bad frozen pipes review” which in my opinion is not fair. It’s often the operator that’s at fault so please keep that in mind when shopping for blades or tools in general. Buy the right tool for the right job! I invite you to check out the video below and please stay tuned for brand new content from bobsplumbingvideos.com.


They are necessary especially when flushing or draining the tankless system. These valves reduce water leakages through joints. They also have union connections for smooth and speedy replacements. Ensure you get a kit with a proper relief valve for your heater’s size. Hard water has dissolved particles that build up in the piping system after some time. These buildups affect the heat exchanger and may lead to overheating. When this happens, the system will automatically lock and send an error code to the control panel. If the system is reset without correcting the error, it’ll still close again until the problem is solved first. Forcing the system to work without proper diagnosis may lead to system failure. Acidic water, on the other hand, affects metals in the plumbing system. It causes “pinholes” in the tankless water heater which may promote leaking with time.


Consumer Contact: The Clorox Company’s Liquid Plumr call center toll-free at 855-490-0705 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or online at www.liquidplumr.com and click on “Important Safety Recall Notice” for more information. Description: This recall involves three Liquid Plumr clog removing products, sold in 17 ounce bottles that are about 9 inches tall. The bottles have the Liquid Plumr logo and the name of the product on the front. Liquid Plumr products included in the recall are: Liquid Plumr Industrial Strength Urgent Clear The UPC code is printed in the lower left corner on the back of the bottle. Only bottles manufactured before March 22, 2016 are included in this recall. Incidents/Injuries: The Clorox Company has received 8 reports of the child-resistant bottle caps not working as intended and 221 reports of the bottles leaking. No injuries have been reported. Sold at: Dollar General, Family Dollar, HEB, Home Depot, Kroger, Lowe’s, Meijer, Publix, Rite-Aid, Target, Walgreens, Walmart and other dollar, grocery, hardware and mass merchandise stores nationwide and online at Amazon.com, Drugstore.com and Quidsi.com from January 2012 through May 2016 for between $3 and $5. Distributor(s): The Clorox Company, of Oakland, Calif.


When asked about the impending war he looked up weary-eyed from his computer screen and said, “Yeah, the North Koreans are rough.” Turning back quickly, he took a big ol bite out of some greasy-ass pizza, pressed a few keys, and shouted, “Fuck the Terrans, Zergs for life bitch,” and won the hell out of a game of Starcraft. Enthralled with the skillful gamesmanship, our reporter continued watching, giving advice occasionally, but mainly basking in the heartfelt devotion that was a video game being played right. When Starcraft was finished, it was time for DotA, then World of Warcraft. It was a night of cheap food and sore backs. North Korea became the mother who tells you to get off the computer, who you ignore with all the stoicism and majesty of a goddamn Blue Crane flying in the air, free as the fucking wind. When the sunlight began to creep up on the horizon, our reporter had long since fallen asleep, leaving the South Korean alone with his thoughts. Looking over tenderly, he paused his game, got a blanket, and tucked the enterprising journalist in, fluffing a pillow and chuckling quietly to himself: “I don’t even remember why he’s here”, as he sat back down to the comfort and stability of his digital world. UK Gordontheplumber.com Hinsdale IL 60521 Taco Bell found to contain horse meat; Customers calling it “vast improvement.” Less than a week following the release of information claiming several UK Taco Bell locations have been serving unregulated horse meat, customers are rejoicing in the scandal. Calling the new burrito filler a “vast improvement” over the previous sawdust laden beef concoction, which in early 2011 led to a lawsuit attempting to ban the fast food chain from labeling their beef blend (containing only 36% actual beef) as meat.  This recent scandal has had a surprising effect as customers were overjoyed at the prospect of real meat in their Taco Bell meals. Taco Bell has embraced the controversy and is reportedly in the process of overhauling their menu to satisfy customer demands with horse filled dishes and the introduction of their new marketing campaign “Come Caballo!”     Man to take up heroin and subsequent rehab to make regular life seem more impressive Kingston, NY — BestBuy sales associate Patrick Kane is planning on beginning a steady heroin habit in an effort to make his perfectly mediocre life more impressive to his family and peers. “I’ll let it get really out of control.


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