If you’re ever going to travel or are just curious about other cultures norms then this is the blog for you! We’ll be taking a look at a couple of different countries and their bathroom etiquette. Some may be similar while others are completely different. The website Teach House, who is certified by Cambridge University has a blog about the different Chinese customs and etiquette. Gold, who wrote the blog, talks about all the different areas of their culture. The most interesting point he makes is when he is talking about their bathroom etiquette. Their public toilets are very different from Western toilet. In China, they are called squatters. As you can see in the picture, it is simply a porcelain hole in the ground. It is like a toilet bowl built into the floor instead of above it.


Soy candles have a slower burning time than paraffin candles, so you can enjoy the scent all season long!  Want to DIY? Here’s how to make beeswax candles in glass yogurt jars. Pumpkin Spice is My Favorite Season T-Shirt Let everyone know just how excited you are for pumpkin spice season with this T-shirt ! It’s sure to get you plenty of compliments from fellow lovers of this cozy, vibrant time of year.  Give it as a gift, or check out these options for DIY clothing and gear to give a loved one. Give your guests the gift of the pumpkin spice aroma by placing this herbal soap in your bathroom. It’s made with pure essential oils, fresh spices and rich plant oils, and is cruelty-free and vegan!  Here’s how to make handmade soap. Complete DIY projects like a pro! Sign up for our newsletter! Chillier weather means more time spent inside. Enjoy indoor activities like knitting with this pumpkin spice-colored yarn . Knit up a cozy blanket that you can wrap yourself in, and use it as a throw on your couch for fall decor!  Check out these ways to add hygge style to your home.


GOP to Appeal to Hispanic Voters with New Candidate After a tough loss to Obama last year, Republicans are changing their game plan for the 2016 election. Focusing on the lackluster support by hispanic voters, the GOP announced Enrique Miguel Honduras as the most likely candidate for the next election cycle. With a Mexican immigrant on the ballot, the party hopes to gain increased support from hispanic voters. Opposition on the left has attacked Mr. Honduras for his lack of political experience. Speaking on behalf of the candidate, GOP spokesperson Connor Whitman Jr. told the Sewer, “Señor Honduras is a god fearing family man, something Gordontheplumber.com Bloomingdale Illinois every American can relate to.” When asked to expand on his platform, Mr. Honduras glanced nervously at Whitman and told us, “no comment.”


There are very few things in this world that cease to amazing and some that really shouldn’t amaze. However, if you are short on cleaning supplies and really do need to clean your toilet or just looking to save some money and already have one of these laying around. Get ready to learn about 10 weird toilet cleaning tips that actually do work! Yes, Coca-Cola. Surprisingly, this delicious beverage can be used to clean your toilet. The Coke dissolves toilet rust rings. So, all you need to do is pull a full can for Coca-Cola into your toilet, making sure that when you’re pouring the can you get the rim of the toilet. You let it sit for about an hour letting the acids in the soda break down the stains. Once the time is up, you scrub with a toilet brush and flush revealing a shiny, clean toilet bowl.


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