This sudden pressure surge will cause unsecured pipes to vibrate severely and depending on the material and how old the plumbing system even break causing thousands in water damage. The higher the incoming water pressure the more likely you’ll experience Water Hammer. Most plumbing codes require the use of water hammer arresters be plumbed into the plumbing system either individually or for a bank of plumbing fixtures. Water Hammer arresters can be fabricated in the field by simply taking a piece of pipe approximately 18″-24″ inches in length and capping one end. That piece of pipe would be installed into a tee connection above where a fixture supply would stub out of a wall. When the system is filled with water, that piece of pipe would become half filled with air thus creating a cushion to take up the shock of the water. Depending on where in the home and the severity of the Water Hammer, arresters can be placed in several locations to help eliminate this annoying and potentially disastrous condition from happening. As mentioned previously one of the most common causes of Water Hammer is the washing machine. Depending on how the washing machine supply lines are plumbed it could be an expensive plumbing job to install arresters on the individual hot and cold water supply pipes. Enter Sioux-Chief which is a Bloomingdale Illinois 60108 manufacturer of plumbing specialties found in plumbing supply houses and big box stores around the country.

Poor indoor air quality is a major problem and it can actually make your family sick. Maintain the temperature control elements of the home and your air will be much cleaner. There are also other ways to improve indoor air quality, from the garage to the patio and since your family spends so much time in the home, taking extra steps for health simply makes sense. It seems like few things are built to last these days, meaning you’re constantly replacing something or other around the home and with your vehicle. Keep up with the HVAC system, though, and you should enjoy its benefits for a much longer period of time. 4. You Won’t Need To Call A Professional As Often Home visits are outrageously expensive, no matter what has broken down. Avoid this costly aspect of home ownership by keeping all your major appliances and apparatuses in good working order. When you turn your thermostat up, you expect the temperature to increase; likewise, if you want more cool air indoors to counteract the seasonal heat outdoors, you expect a response that corresponds to your commands, but that won’t happen regularly without proper maintenance. On the other hand, you can dramatically increase efficiency, simply by keeping up with the maintenance . 6.

PEX pipe is a type of plastic piping. It is a polyethylene pipe that is cross linked, making it both strong and flexible. It is resistant to temperature changes and does not become brittle when it’s cold. PEX piping resists bursting when the water inside the pipe freezes and expands. Express Plumbing Service has the special equipment to crimp the pipe together, which is easier to install than copper piping. Cost is the biggest advantage of PEX piping. It is much less expensive than copper piping. Copper is the traditional material for water pipes inside your home. It is durable and resistant to corrosion. It will eventually corrode over a very long period of time because it is metal.

Rusty color water coming out of faucet/shower If there is rusty color water coming out, when you turn on hot water, it may be a sign that your heater has started to rust from the inside due to old age. To make sure that this is the case is to drain your hot water heater. If by the third bucket, the water is still coming out rusty, its most likely the heater’s problem. If the water starts to get clear, it means that the heater itself is functional, but the piping is rusty. If you start to notice that your frequently hear strange rumbling noises from your heater, it is an indicator that due to old age, sediment has built up at the bottom of the tank. Over time, as a result of constant heating and reheating, this sediment hardens and when it comes in contact with the heating element, it makes the loud noise. Having this hardened sediment in your heater will cause it to be a lot less efficient, because more gas or electricity will be needed to heat the water. Its possible to drain this sediment by performing regular maintenance, but if there comes a point when the sediment can no longer be drained, its time to replace the unit. Keep in mind that if the water in location is hard, or poor quality, it will increase the rate at which the sediment builds up inside the tank, and will thus shorten its service life. Due to the natural wear and tear process, the tank itself (most are made of steel) will start to corrode and rust.

With this method, you can also add fresh fruits like strawberries, limes, or pineapple to infuse flavor in the water: this can help encourage kids to reach for it instead of sugary juices or sodas! 5. Consider the water footprint of products you use every day and try to make some changes. It’s a complex system, but water and energy are tied very closely together, and it’s sometimes difficult to understand how much water it really takes to make the things we use all the time. Wherever you can, find ways to reuse or recycle things, or create your own reusable items. Cloth shopping bags, reusable lunch baggies or containers, and reusable water bottles can replace their single-use alternatives. But doesn’t it take water to create and wash those too? Indeed, it does, but the water consumed in creating and washing these reusable items is significantly less than what faucet repair is wasted to create new single-use items. It’s estimated that it takes about 24 gallons of water to make one pound of plastic! If we focus only on one thing – packing lunches for school – think of all the ways you can save water by reusing items: With simple changes to our daily routines and conscious effort to really think about how we use water, we can all start conserving this most precious resource.

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