You might think that fans are typically used to cool spaces down. If you set your fan to a clockwise rotation, the heat that sits at the top of the room will be pushed down to keep you warmer. You will want to use a lower setting so the air doesn’t cool on its way down to you.   Exhaust Systems – This might be the fan in your kitchen or those in your bathrooms. Have you ever turned one of these on and walked out of your house? These exhaust systems can release tons of warm air out of your home. Try to avoid using these in the Winter and if you do need them, remember to shut them off after they’ve been running for a few minutes. Drafty – It might be a good time to hunt down the drafty spots in your home. Many of these spots can be a major source of heat loss .

Too many images or images that are too large, can take a lot longer to load. Voice search is taking over. With more and more searches being completed with voice search it is important to make sure you are optimizing for it. So how does voice search vary from regular search? Voice search tends to utilize longer search terms, while regular search uses more consolidated phrases. To optimize for voice search, content needs to be of good quality and contain more long tail keywords as opposed to those shorter keywords that perform well on desktops. While you are at it, keep phrases simple, longer doesn’t necessarily mean more complex. Keep phrases around a 9th grade reading level.  With the increased usage of voice search, it is important to optimize for location based queries, as a large portion of voice searches are for location based goods and services. Aside from appeasing the the voice search crowd, location based optimization tends to lead a better ROI anyways, as the traffic you are attracting more closely fit your target audience. Questions or concerns?

Sewer problems are a must know when buying a new house and is a definite condition for you to note and take a look at prior to purchasing a home. If more than one line is backing up then Lisle Illinois 60532 there is a possible sewer problem. Backing up includes water coming up from the drains or in the toilet can be a red flag of a sewer problem. Gurgling or bubbling sounds are also a red flag if they are coming from multiple plumbing fixtures. Similar to backing-up plumbing, clogged drain may be another larger cause than just debris in the drain. This goes along the lines of tree roots getting into sewer lines, causing clogs and then eventually full blockages. If you suspect that there is a problem with your sewer system, give a trusted plumbing company a call. They will come out and initially use an auger to try to break up what ever is causing the blockage. However, in some causes the problem won’t be fixed by this method. So, they can use a camera inspection that shows exactly what and where the problem is.

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